Oman to host FIFA Executive Football Summit

Gianni Infantino, the FIFA chairman

In a major boost to the existing relations between the Oman Football Association (OFA) and FIFA, the world football governing body, Muscat will host the prestigious FIFA Executive Football Summit (EFS) on February 4, according to Said Othman al Balushi, the CEO of OFA. 

The  high-level platform  was launched last year and is an important tool to get member associations involved with  FIFA.

The meeting in Muscat is expected to be attended by 18 member nations and will have a total of 45 dignitaries attending it. It will be presided by the FIFA chairman, Gianni Infantino.

In his remarks to Muscat Daily, Balushi said, “The EFS is a project chaired by the FIFA president and is part of president’s vision  of bringing FIFA back to football and football back to FIFA” to enhance the relationships between FIFA and its member association at a top executive level and to provide a democratic platform for information exchange. “The summit will strengthen our already existing relationship with FIFA and will boost out relations,” said Balushi.  

According to FIFA, there will be 12 summits in different countries from November 2017 to March 2018. The format in Muscat will have a one-day workshop with some breakout sessions, which will be conducted in an open and  casual manner.

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