Your say: Will the technological sector revive the Sultanate of Oman in the future?

Oman's economy is largely depended on oil revenues, but international oil prices continue to vary every few days. With no certainty of oil prices fetching higher prices, the economy too feels the pressure. When will the Sultanate stop relying on this sector and look for other avenues to contribute to Oman's economy?

Will the field of information technology be a major alternative to Oman's future wealth? Globalization and technological advancement have dominated the entire world, and Oman is one of the countries that can contribute to the development of an intellectual society and digitized development. The field of information technology has been taught in all universities and colleges, government and private, and its multiple fields are strongly present in the labor market. Graduates with high efficiency have become diligent contemporary thinkers serving the Omani society. This area is able to create new communities and implement global projects electronically and is not conditional on a physical set up on the ground. There are companies and institutions at a high level that have been established and have become the focus of attention because of their global technology, features and unique skills.

Will this aspect revive and maintain the Sultanate of Oman in the future? Will it become a sustainable sector? This is why people hope to employ all the skills and experiences in the continued success of this benevolent country, and to maximize citizens' skills in programming, information security, data management and networks. This can lead to a network connected to building a sustainable digital and technical society.

Amal Ahmed Mohammed Al Zidi

Student of CAS: Ibri College

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