Your say: Inculcating reading habit

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Do you think we need more events like book fair to encourage reading habit, especially among children?

Abdulaziz Darwish al Zadjali

 Govt employee

First of all, there is a need to inculcate reading habit among children. We can start by encouraging them to read stories which they like. Parents should take them to libraries and encourage them to pick up a title. In addition, there is a need to set libraries in neighbourhoods. We need to also focus on books on international affairs rather than just sticking to Arabic titles.

Ahmed Hamdan al Farsi

Marketing specialist

 Yes. There is a need for more reading competitions, seminars and children’s channel to develop children’s learning capabilities. Book reading sessions too can do a world of good to develop their reading habit.

Yahya al Hassani

Govt employee

Yes. We need events to help children, students and even researchers to read more. The community needs a lot of awareness campaigns and lectures to spread the culture of reading. Parents should take children to libraries to encourage them to read.

Yousef al Shiyadi


We need libraries in every wilayat of the sultanate, in mosques and houses. In fact, why only children, even adults must visit libraries and spend some time there. Parents should take children to the Muscat book fair. This will go a long way in developing reading habit among them.

Uzair al Balushi


Visiting a book fair is an experience that should not be missed as one is able to get a palpable feeling of being among books and book lovers. It is more rewarding for children as they can be exposed to new genres as well as to some of the literary classics. More book fairs, book reading clubs and encouragement at school and home would help a lot in inculcating reading habit.



What do you think of the initiative (at the book fair) to have all titles listed online? Do you think technology has helped more people take up reading?


Mona Herring

Author and translator

This is indeed a brilliant idea. I am sure more people will now be interested to visit the fair. Technology has always helped us to get closer to good things in life. It will help readers to search for books and collections they want.

Salem Khalfan

 Private sector employee

Reading habit is on the decline nowadays. I think that such an initiative will help generate some sort of interest. It will save time and help people to know where and which book to purchase. Technology is a double-edged sword and it depends on how we use it.

Shivani Pati


 If books are listed online, then it is an advantage for readers. Technology should be used as slave and not master. Thanks to technology, more and more people have taken up reading. Today if you see people raising their voices on issues, it’s all because they are keeping themselves updated about surroundings through reading.

Anupama Prasad


Technology has in no way affected the reading habit of people. Earlier, people read from hard copies and now they do the same online. When titles are listed online, you do not have to visit the venue and return disappointed. I have heard of online book fairs. We can access books at fairs across the border without visiting the place.

Salim al Raqishi

Private sector employee

 It is a good move by the organisers. It makes it a lot easier for those who want to go to the fair with the knowledge that they will get a book of their liking. Initially, it seemed that technology had weaned away readers but now it is quite apparent that it has also helped a lot. Reams of material is available at the click of a button.

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