Your Say: Refugees

Living as a refugee can be difficult. I came in close contact with a young girl who is a refugee in Europe. Her story is really heartbreaking as she has experienced many challenges in her life. She fled from Syria because of political turmoil and civil war. Considering her personal situation, one can see the magnitude of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Due to poverty and persistent conflicts witnessed in Syria, Africa, and the Middle East, the number of refugees in Europe has increased significantly. Desperation has also contributed to the large number of refugees fleeing into Europe to seek safety and better lives. Many of these refugees occupy spaces wherever they find themselves, in order to settle down, like abandoned properties, public parks, or even forests.

There are countries in Southern Europe that are not in a position to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of refugees. Various organizations operating in Europe are trying to offer refugees food and shelter so that they are able to meet their daily needs. In addition, churches and other partners provide these refugees with information, language services, and translation in order to make them informed of their rights which in turn enable them to make informed decisions.

In solving the refugee crisis in Europe, it is important to consider the fate of the many refugees currently living in Europe. For instance, forcing refugees out of Europe will negatively affect their lives. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is focused on responding to the needs of the increasing number of refugees in Europe. UNHCR has over 600 staff members who are working in different locations to protect refugees and provide them with basic needs such as food, shelter and medical care.


Iman Shiran AL Balushi

Student of CAS-Ibri College

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