Sri Lankan blasts

(Muscat Daily, page 1, April 22) 

This is with reference to the story, ‘Oman condemns terror attacks in Sri Lanka’.

I’m deeply upset over the mass killing of civilians on the auspicious Easter Day in Sri Lanka.
Such a despicable act of cruelty against innocent people doesn’t achieve anything but destruction and uncertainty. Still, it won’t deter those for peace and harmony. The fact that such acts of murder are on the rise in different parts of the world, the last being in Pakistan and New Zealand, it proves that counter-terrorism units and intelligent network remain weak and need help in their struggle against thugs and terrorists.

In my opinion, governments, not only in Sri Lanka, but also in other countries in which terrorism has become a serious menace, seem to be failing in their pledges to ensure peaceful coexistence.  Security is only for those who are at the helm of administrations, and safety of commoners has become a continuous threat.

The continuous failure of administrations around the globe to quell such attacks of massive scale will only mean more woes for the commoners and underprivileged, who also have the right to live with dignity and without fear.

Since the attack in Sri Lanka was on the Easter Day, it is uncertain the mindset of those who were behind such cruelty.

Even though no one has claimed responsibility yet, whatever may be the issues, political mediation, rather than aggression and empty threats, may be the ideal way to address the core of such issues. Otherwise, loss of life and infrastructural damage, which, in some cases, takes decades to remedy, will continue to prevail.

At the end, civilians, especially youth are bearing the brunt of today’s uncertain world.

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Ramachandran Nair

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