Letters to the Editor: Safety of new licence holders

I would like to bring to your attention the ignorance shown by some experienced drivers who don’t follow general rules and regulations while driving and don’t even think about the person driving either ahead or behind them who may be a new licence holder.

This is a big nuisance for new licence holders as they have been trained to follow the rules and when they see someone violating these rules they are confused as they don’t know what the person ahead is going to do.

Many people while driving do not use indicators, especially taxi drivers, and this has been a major factor for some accidents.

Driving is an art in which you not only look at the beauty of your driving but also focus and use your knowledge in each and every inch you move.

I would like to request all the drivers to consider this in spite of their busy schedules. Unfortunately, Oman does not have the system of L board which indicates the driver to be a new licence holder.

I also request the traffic authorities to consider this as vital issue.

This may be a small step but may play a major role in preventing accidents and decrease death rate in the future.

I hope this letter is taken as a step for social awareness and to ensure the safety of new licence holders.

Farzana Najimudeen

Via email

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