Letter to the editor: This Ramadan keep safety, health first

Ramadan is an auspicious month for Muslims across the world but it is important to keep safety always on topmost priority. Most people overlook health-related issues during this month.

I believe there will always be exemptions for the sick as priority must be given to doctor’s advice.

Similarly, sleep is also essential to maintain health. Inadequate sleep can lead to many health issues.

The practice of spending more time with family and friends during the fasting month often tends to disrupt daily routine. This can affect people’s health.

It is also equally important for people observing the holy month of Ramadan to comply with the highest road safety practices.

One should be extra cautious during the busy afternoon and evening hours, as it is the time, most of the vehicles are seen on the road.

Apart from adopting virtues such as charity, patience and being grateful, individuals must take care of themselves and adhere to the fundamentals of safety at home, workplace and on the road.

It would be ideal for senior members of the family at home to guide the entire family to make the month-long fasting more rewarding in every aspect.

Ramachandran Nair Via email

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