Letter to the editor: Identify root cause of terrorism

This refers to the report ‘India mourns dead soldiers amid calls for revenge’ (www.muscatdaily.com, February 17)

The attack on a convoy in Kashmir’s Pulwama killing more than 40 CRPF troopers was one of the worst ever tragic moments the country has encountered in the recent past. The incident clearly proves the fact that militancy is still active due to which common people suffer a lot.

As the whole nation is mourning the death of defence personnel, it adds up pressure on India’s tolerance level; therefore a timely action is needed to counter recurrence of similar incidents.  The state has been suffering a lot due to continuing violence. Eventually, it disturbs the development plans and affects the privileges of the younger generation.

In fact, the world has been witnessing rising extremism over the past few decades, but very little has been done to identify its root cause. The youth must keep away from any sort of false propaganda spread in social media; instead embrace the true values of living for peaceful coexistence.

Ramachandran Nair Via email

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