Urbanisation meet stresses on energy conservation

Dr Sadek Owainati (L) and Aurel von Richthofen (R)

Muscat - 

The two-day conference on Sustainable Urbanisation in Oman concluded on Tuesday with a message that there is an urgent need to conserve energy and adopt eco-friendly measures to cope with rapid urbanisation that the nation is witnessing.

Aurel von Richthofen, assistant professor of architecture and computer aided design department of Urban Planning and Architecture Design at GUTech, said, “I think that the biggest hurdle for the sultanate in combating energy loss is the relatively low cost of energy.

"The cost of electricity here is only 10bz per kilowatt, which is almost one-tenth of that in Germany. However, I think that the rates will be hiked in the next five years, which will yield good results economically and ecologically.”  Issues related to water and energy conservation, feasibility of green buildings and materials for sustainable buildings were discussed.

Sharing results of good eco-friendly ideas which have been implemented, Ahmed bin Said bin Khamis al Mazrouy, general manager, Majan Electricity Company (MJEC) said, “Recently, we distributed nearly 40,000 bulbs of 14W to our customers free.

"If they are used, these bulbs give brightness of 60W bulbs, can save about 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually and also save thousands of rials for customers and the government.”

Speaking on public transport, Dr Sadek Owainati, co-founder of World Green Building Council, said, “Every developing or developed nation must have good public transport like buses or trains. Regulations must be made to encourage more use of public transport.”

Nick Hodge, managing director of Oman International Trade & Exhibitions, the event organiser said, “We are thankful to all the authorities of Muscat Municipality and the delegates who have come to Oman to share their experiences and case studies. We hope that we can take this conference a step further and take decisions that will be of help to future generations.”

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