Ten reasons to associate with BankDhofar

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As part of its endeavour to promote positive communication and retain a sustainable relationship with its customers based on hospitality and respect by  providing the best in class services and products, BankDhofar highlights ‘10 reasons to bank with BankDhofar’, focusing on the main reasons behind being one of the best and preferred banks in Oman.

The most prominent feature at BankDhofar is customer service which is based on hospitality, respect and providing services that exceed their aspiration. Moreover, BankDhofar is also known for its strong branch network across Oman. It provides its services through an extensive network of 58 conventional branches and ten Maisarah Islamic Banking Services branches with more than 136 highly functional ATMs, 49 CDMs and 5 ATM and CDM serving the customers 24/7 with operational efficiency exceeding 99 per cent. Additionally, BankDhofar branches at Muscat Grand Mall and Salalah Gardens Mall welcome customers for extended working hours from 9am to 9pm to cater to customer needs at any time.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it is crucial to provide fast and instant services. BankDhofar has taken that into consideration through speed in processing transactions. BankDhofar customers may avail for their dream house in only five  days and personal loan in 24 hours. BankDhofar has also developed a number of e-services including mobile banking, Internet banking and other services for corporate customers in order to provide easy access to their accounts and follow-up their business wherever they are.

For customers who wish to benefit from Sharia’a-compliant finance solutions, the bank provides through Maisarah Islamic Banking Services Sharia’a-compliant services and products tailored to exceed their expectations. In addition, BankDhofar customers may have advantage of discounts and earn points through loyalty and rewards programmes. BankDhofar also rewards its customers through a saving scheme which is conducted across the sultanate. Within its endeavour to support SME, BankDhofar has developed a number of services which help businesses flourish through payment services, cash management solutions, corporate accounts and banking services.

Cementing its position as the best bank and recognising its efforts to retain solid relationships with customers, BankDhofar bagged more than ten awards this year so far including ‘OER Top 20 Omani Companies Award’, ‘Best Bank in Oman’, Large Banks Categories 2017 from OER, ‘Best Islamic Bank in Oman’ at the EMEA Finance’s Achievement Awards 2016, ‘Best Islamic Community Support Bank 2017’ by Global Financial Market Review, ‘Best Mobile Banking Application in Oman 2016’ at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards, ‘Best Digital Bank in Oman 2016’ at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards, ‘SME Bank of the Year - Oman’ by the ‘Wealth & Finance International Magazine’- UK (Finest in Finance), ‘Brand of Excellence in SME Banking Oman 2017’ by Finance Digest 2017 from Brand of Excellence Programme, ‘Brand of Excellence in E-Commerce Banking Oman 2017’ by Finance Digest 2017 Brand of Excellence Program and ‘GTR Best Deals of 2016’ by Global Trade Review.

As part of its transformation strategy ‘Together 2020’, which aims at reaffirming its position as a leading bank in the sultanate and the best in the Gulf, BankDhofar continues to provide the best customer experience, innovative products and creative services that are custom-made to meet the needs and requirements of customers. The bank offers a diverse range of instant banking services that include the flagship instant card-less cash transaction, instant money transfer, instant mobile top-up, instant phone bill payment, instant cash deposit services, instant withdrawal of RO1,000 for Personal Banking customers and RO1,500 for Priority Banking customers across all BankDhofar ATMs with the possibility of increasing the withdrawal limit to RO5,000 through mobile banking, instant Credit Card payment and transaction notifications, instant debit and credit notifications, instant ATM/branch/CDM locator, instant registration for Internet and Mobile Banking, instant online statement, instant Mobile Banking and Internet Banking password reset, instant donation, Internet Banking and CDMs as well as instant card activation and blocking through the BankDhofar Call Centre.

To learn more, visit BankDhofar pages on social media, visit the official website www.BankDhofar.com or contact the call centre on (+968) 24791111 for inquiries.

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