TRC organises workshop on sustainable energy concepts

Muscat - 

The Research Council (TRC) is conducting a workshop on sustainable energy concepts at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).

Represented by the Institute of Advanced Technology Integration (IATI), TRC, is organising the event in cooperation with Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and SQU.

The workshop, which concludes on September 6, aims to give an overview of possible usage of renewable energies in Oman and in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

The workshop is also offering an interdisciplinary course with focus on the development of geothermal energy, solar thermal energy, and absorption cooling technology in the region.

It is discussing a number of topics, including solar thermal systems, basics and applications of photovoltaic systems, energy market in Germany, integration and planning of solar energy, geothermal resources of the Arabian Plate, and energy-efficient constructions and eco-houses.

Delivering a lecture on energy market in Germany, Prof Dr Rutger Schlatmann, professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, discussed the transition that is going on in the German market, the sectors that the energy market can be split to, which are electricity, heating and mobility.

According to Prof Dr Schlatmann, the new long-term goals set by the German government aims at the secure supply of clean energy at low cost.


He stated that the German energy market is still a traditional market based on fossil sources, but is in the transition stage. He said there are tremendous worldwide business opportunities for sustainable energy.

According to Prof Dr Schlatmann, there is market pressure towards rapid introduction of next generation technologies, but no unknown breakthroughs needed.

Dr Zahran al Salti from SQU described the lecture as an opportunity for participants to learn from the German experience, exchange and share knowledge. In her presentation, delivered on behalf of IATI on energy landscape in Oman, Dr Sausan al Riyami, spoke about the shifting of generation sources from traditional fossil fuel towards renewable energy, energy consumption, energy conservation for building, TRC initiatives in energy and summarised a study on renewable energy resources.

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