Street in Amerat closed for repairs

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Residents and commuters who use the street that leads to both neighbourhoods and the Amerat cricket ground in the wilayat of Amerat are facing inconvenience as it has been closed. 

Muscat Municipality said the road is closed for repair work.

Muscat Municipality stated that repair work will continue till August 14. “We would like to draw your attention that Al Joud Street in Amerat from Al Ihsaan Mosque to the entrance at Al Mahaj intersection is closed for necessary maintenance till August 14,” it said.

The commuters complained that the road is completely closed without an alternative route that people can use.

“Those coming to the city need to take other internal roads before reaching the main road towards Wadi Adai. I was driving to work and all of a sudden I saw the road was closed. I had to drive back and take another internal road to reach the main road which took me more time,” said Hassan al Naamani, a resident in Amerat.

Adnan Rashid, a taxi driver, said that the 1km section of the road is leading to traffic jams in other parts. “I saw so many cars turning back when they reached the closed area. I think it was a mistake to close it completely. They should have created a temporary side road.”

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