Shopping begins; businesses thriving

Muscat - 

Eid is the time when shopping malls, souqs, small gift shops, perfume shops, tailors, barbers and henna artists are all busy.

Though malls have carved out a niche among shoppers, the craze for traditional markets like Muttrah Souq fails to die down.

The oldest and trusted shopping destination, Muttrah Souq is a favourite not just for the variety of items but also for the price range it offers. From toys, disdashas, abayas, household items, mementoes, ladies handbag, perfumes and crockery, the souq is a go to place for everyone.


Eid is also the season and time when most people get new dishdashas and designer abayas stitched. Rehman Ali, a Pakistani shopowner, who sells bukhoor, said Eid shopping has already begun.

“Business is thriving at the souq since last few days. It is indeed the time when we have the maximum customers. Prices are fixed at most shops here and we normally do not exploit the situation by hiking the rates. We get our frankincense from Salalah and there are days when we sell over 100kg.”

This is also a busy time for barber shops and beauty salons. Jamal Mohammad, an Indian barber who has shops in Hamriya and Ghubra said, “A lot of men come for grooming during this time. Our shops remain crowded during and after Eid.”

Asma Balushi, a henna artist in Muttrah said, “The rates vary as per design. Henna application is an important part of Eid.”

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