Research project on local resources launched at GUtech

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In cooperation with the University of Kassel's Department of Visual Arts and Architecture, GUtech held a symposium titled 'Building/ Art/ Invention' at the university’s premises in Halban recently.

The one-day symposium launched at the same time a joint research project on local resources and new materials, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service.

“Scientists, engineers and architects need to be creative in order to realise their ideas. This symposium is a platform for creative ideas. To find innovative solutions in different fields, GUtech encourages interdisciplinary research,” said Professor Dr Michael Modigell, rector of GUtech.

In the research platform, 'Building/ Arts/ Invention' of the University of Kassel, a team of artists, designers and architects, are trying to find innovative solutions.

“We bring together experts in the fields of visual arts, architecture, interaction design, industrial design, experimental physics and material research,” said Professor Heike Klussmann of the University of Kassel.

For example one research project focuses on generating energy by using the technical principals of a solar cell.

The team creates and manufactures their own design tools.

“We design our own tools in the design studio of the university. When you develop and produce your own tools, you are not limited and you can develop the tools according to your own needs,” said Heike, who recently received an award for her innovative teaching methods.

“From the first year onwards, we encourage students to teach and to take responsibilities,” she said Heike.

Three students of the department, Nico Kudielka, Andre May and Lessano Negussi presented their joint master thesis, called Ms Im-port/Ex-port project, a interdisciplinary platform for arts, sciences and education on the river Fulda, which flows through the city of Kassel.

Daniela Ottmann, assistant professor at the department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design of GUtech, presented the joint-research project on local resources and new materials.

“Our mission is to explore local materials by experimenting and using knowledge that was used in the past through inventing ‘new’ materials for a future building material industry and market in the sultanate,” said Daniela.

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