ROP says 9999 remains sultanate’s hotline as 112 is just an international emergency number

Muscat - 

The ROP has said that 9999 still remains the country’s emergency hotline after another number 112 went viral on social media channels. It has said that 112 is a common international emergency number which can be called in case of no network coverage in Oman. The ROP said that all calls made to 112 are directed to 9999.

Since 112 went viral on social media channels, ROP has received hundreds of calls from people who wanted to check the authenticity of the number. “The number 112 can be called from a mobile phone but all calls are directed to 9999 if the caller is from Oman,” an ROP official told Muscat Daily.

He said that 112 is an international emergency number that even works in the event of low network coverage. “All calls are automatically forwarded to the emergency hotline of the country where the individual is asking for help.”

The official said that many just called for curiosity sake after they came to know about 112.

“Our centre received many calls affecting emergency services. We request people to use only 9999 when calling from Oman. The other number should be used only when you are not in Oman or where there is no network coverage,” the official added.

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