ROP increases border patrolling to crack down on khat smuggling

Muscat - 

The ROP has confiscated 10,240 packets of khat and arrested 58 people for possessing and selling khat.

As part of its efforts to crack down on drug use in the country, the ROP said that altogether 27 cases were filed between January and October against those involved in selling and possessing khat.

Col Abdul Rahim Qasim al Farsi, Director General for Combating Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, said, “Khat is usually produced in neighbouring countries. Many youth are addicted to khat which is not good for health. They are so addicted that they prefer to stay from their family or friends. Khat is a harmful drug affecting brain causing insomnia, laziness and sleep disorder.”

Col Farsi said that ROP has increased border patrolling particularly in the Dhofar area to ensure that the drug doesn’t make way into the country through the land route. “Drug smugglers take advantage of Dhofar’s topography to smuggle khat into the country. Police in Dhofar has seized 2,560kg of khat and filed 18 cases this year.”

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