Pizza Hut Oman Commissary receives HACCP certification

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The Pizza Hut Commissary, which prepares salads, pastas, doughs and sauces for the restaurant chain, was certified by GCAS Quality Certifications, which is a leading Certification body, accredited by Dubai Accreditation Department; in a ceremony where the HACCP Certificate was awarded to Anil Khimji by Umair Siddiqi, country manager, GCAS).

 “Nothing is more important to us than our customers’ health and satisfaction,” said Anil Khimji, director, Khimji Ramdas. “It is a fact that has been endorsed by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification received in May 2013 for the centralised kitchen – called the Pizza Hut Commissary,” he added. “The nature of our business demands us to be constantly vigilant and uncompromising about factors that affect the quality of the food we serve,” explained Vivek Pande, CEO, Khimji Lifestyle Division.

“It is of utmost importance as it reassures our customers and protects our hard-won reputation and brand name. We are thankful to KTI, GCAS Quality Certifications and BSS World Quality Consultant - Dubai, for partnering with Khimji International in this journey of HACCP Certification.” Pizza Hut maintains an international standard not only in testing of the final product, but also in the selection of ingredients and the preparation process.

Nasir Zaman, general manager – Middle East Pizza Hut (YUM Restaurants International - Dubai) who was present at the ceremony, said, “From the day Pizza Hut Oman Commissary started about two years ago, the internal goal was to get high level globally accredited certification. The whole team worked to accomplish the same and are committed to further excellence.”

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