Phone scam: ROP alerts against sharing personal details, OTP with anyone

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The ROP has asked people to ignore calls, messages claiming to be from telecom companies or banks announcing cash prizes.

In its message, the ROP has said, “Such calls should be ignored. Do not reveal your bank account details, ATM PIN and any other personal information.”

Amritha K, a Muscat resident said, “I recently got a call from an Abdullah claiming that he is from the bank where I hold my savings account. The person said that I will get an OTP shortly which I would have to share with him, else my card will get blocked.

“When I threatened to report the matter to the ROP he disconnected the call. The same day, I called the number a few times from landline but it was switched off.”

Deepti S, another Muscat resident who has an account with a leading bank in Oman, said, “First, I got an OTP message on my mobile number which is registered with the bank. Within seconds of receiving it, I got a call from a person claiming to be from the bank asking for the OTP. He also warned that my card will be blocked for six months if I did not share the OTP. I calmly told him that I can do without the card for the next one year. He abused me and then disconnected the call.” Recently, the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) had issued a cautionary notice against double swiping of bank cards.

Emaad al Lawati, a government official said, “We got a notice from the CBO stating that double swiping is a practice wherein a merchant or a cashier swipes the card twice on electronic cash registers. This practice is unsafe as information may be compromised and misused by criminals or fraudsters. If customers have noticed this practice then they can inform the bank.”

An ROP official said, “We are vigilant regarding such cases. You will often see cautionary messages from the ROP. We have been sending these messages repeatedly because despite our reminders people fall prey and end up sharing bank details with fraudsters. Then they come running to the police for help.”

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