PACP recall portal to add vehicle identification feature

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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) is in the process of adding a new feature to its relaunched recall webpage – - whereby a consumer can find out if a recall notice applies to his vehicle or not. 

The new feature will make it easier for a consumer to search by providing the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

The consumer will get details of the car if it is affected or not, said Omar bin Faisal al Jahdhami, vice chairman of the Consumer Services and Market Watch, PACP said.

“A vehicle recall happens when a manufacturer finds that a particular model has some defects or does not comply with the standards. The manufacturer then alerts owners across the world about the problem. But sadly, many vehicle owners do not respond to the problem,” Jahdhami said. He said that the whole of GCC will celebrate Consumer Week from March 1-7 but Oman will celebrate the whole month.

“We will try and spread awareness among the masses as to why they should respond to recalls. One of the reasons why people don’t respond is because they are not sure if the notice applies to their vehicle or not.”

The recall webpage gives details of recalls and warnings related to different items like cars, electronic items, food, pharmaceuticals amongst others. Between 2013 and 2018 more than 1mn goods have been recalled of which 91 per cent were vehicles.

“Manufacturing defects are the main reason for accidents worldwide. These vehicles were recalled keeping in mind the safety of the user and other drivers on the road. The vehicles were recalled for defects in the airbag, cruise control, suspension and steering system, safety belts, engine hood and brakes,” Jahdhami said.

The relaunched recall website is compatible with mobile and tablets.

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