PACP officials monitoring markets for any unnecessary price rise

Muscat - 

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has intensified its inspections to ensure there is no undue hike in prices of goods as people across the sultanate begin thronging shops and supermarkets for Eid al Adha purchases.

Waleed bin Ali al Rawahi, director, Complaints Department, PACP said that the authority is monitoring the markets in various sectors to crack down on violators in order to safeguard the rights of consumers in the country.
“This is the period of rise in consumer demand for Eid clothes and accessories. Therefore, various PACP departments have prepared a schedule for inspection teams to make field visits during the morning and evening hours.”
Rawahi said that such inspections will ensure that there is no unnecessary price hike to protect the rights of consumers. “The teams comprise judicial and shop inspectors who ensure  availability of goods and supplies in the markets, in addition to ensuring that there is no unjustified rise in prices.”
PACP ensures that all sellers and suppliers comply with local laws. “During the ongoing inspection campaigns, sheep and meat shops are being monitored in terms of prices and the quality of the supply of goods.
“We are fully prepared to receive all complaints from consumers through various channels of communication,” Rawahi added.

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