Omantel launches e-learning platform to share experiences, skills

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As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Omantel, has announced the launch of its first Omani open e-learning platform ‘Edlal’, in cooperation with ‘Rudha’ and ‘Point’. Edlal is an innovative initiative designed to share experiences, knowledge and skills between experts and young people.

This platform aims to contribute in preparing young Omanis to join the workforce by equipping them with the required skills and knowledge. It also plays a role in enhancing the Arab content on the Internet with timely and reliable information. “The Edlal platform provides people the opportunity to share individual experiences and knowledge, which in turn will benefit youth on a wider scale. Our role at Omantel is to support such initiatives with a sustainable approach to achieving national goals. For this purpose, Omantel will support the initiative bringing experts to share their experience with the target audience through Edlal by conducting a number of seminars and workshops in various fields,” Laila Mohammed al Wahaibi, CSR manager at Omantel, was quoted in a release as saying.

“Our strategy at Omantel is to bridge the knowledge gap in the society. We believe that Edlal platform compliments Omantel’s objectives on the national level for sharing knowledge and bridging the digital divide.”

The prevailing challenging economic conditions, give an even greater motivation towards innovation, entrepreneurship and a knowledge-based economy as effective tools for growth. This will stimulate further economic diversity and reduce dependency on oil in order to achieve a successful and diverse economy.

“One of the added features in Edlal is that it presents knowledge content in Arabic, which is important as it is trying to solve shortage of Arabic e-content in the Middle East,” Laila added. Mohammed Salim al Wahaibi, CEO of ‘Rudha’ stressed that the platform is keen to highlight a variety of fields and disciplines required by most employers.

He said, “We are focusing on themes of leadership innovation, entrepreneurship, programming, technology and science, design, digital media, engineering and science, photography and video production, culture, arts and identity. These areas sharpen personalities of individuals and it will be reflected positively on their performance. “‘Rudha’ is an innovation centre focused on introducing innovative sustainable solutions to develop small projects, instill knowledge and work culture within the youth. ‘Point’, one of the partners in Edlal is an institution with renowned production experience. “It focuses on producing visual educational content, and provides digital solutions for educational platforms,” Wahaibi added.

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