Oman a balancing force in the region: Brazil VP

Brazilian vice President Michel Temer

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Oman and Brazil share similar geo-political perspectives and both the countries play the role of a balancing force in their respective regions, said Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer, while wrapping up his three-day visit to the sultanate on Tuesday.

“Brazil and Oman take similar approaches on international issues. Oman has been proven to perform a very conciliatory role in the Middle East and the same is true for Brazil in South America. Both our countries have lessons to be learnt from each other on the political front. Geographical distance between our two nations should not preclude or prevent any further contacts.”

Temer handed over a letter of greetings and an official invitation from Brazilian President Dilma Roussef to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to visit Brazil. “I also extended my invitation to Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, to reciprocate our visit with an Omani delegation to Brazil,” he said.

Besides discussing matters of bilateral importance, the Brazilian Vice President also raised important regional issues during his talks. On the ongoing Syria conflict, Temer stressed that both Oman and Brazil agree on a non-interventionist policy. “We have the same positions regarding the situation in Syria. Our position is that of non-intervention. We believe that there should be a further pursuit of domestic peace by the conflicting parties themselves,” he said.

On Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West, he underlined the need to have a peaceful negotiation. “Once again regarding the discussions on Iran, our (Oman’s and Brazil’s) similar views were very much made clear. Brazil particularly hopes that Iran [in the due course] will be in a position to overcome its allegedly negative impression as a result of its nuclear involvement.”

Temer, who is of Lebanese origin said that he was honoured by the hospitality showered on him. “I’ve to say that in Oman, and that is true for other Arab countries as well, I feel very much ‘at home’ as if I were in my family and household,” he said.

The Brazilian politician counted his success as an evidence of the pluralistic society of the Latin American nation. “I am a member of a first generation Arab family in Brazil. Nevertheless I have been able to benefit from higher education and from, what I believe is, a very successful political career. This is a clear indication of how open and welcoming a society Brazil is,” he said.

Boosting trade and investment

Accompanied by 15 representatives of large Brazilian corporations, Temer said his country was interested in boosting trade and industrial investments in Oman and had a fruitful meeting with his Omani counterparts.

Temer added that he was impressed by the sultanate’s all round positive development, with expansive highways and solid education and healthcare systems. “Which gives more reasons for Brazil to further boost bilateral ties with Oman,” he said.

“I had a chance to share these views with His Majesty the Sultan and the Deputy Prime Minister and now want to disclose it to the people of Oman that Brazil attaches great importance to its bilateral ties with the sultanate.”

Temer said Brazilian mining giant Vale’s presence in Oman could become a catalyst for more Brazilian companies to follow suit. On his visit to Vale’s Industrial Complex in Liwa on Monday, Temer was impressed with the set up. “My visit to the Vale facility shows the kind of interest and support enjoyed by the Brazilian company in the sultanate.”

The Brazilian Vice President wants to see further presence of Brazilian enterprises in Oman, making more investments and providing more job opportunities for Omanis, “which is one of the main concerns of the Omani government at this time,” he said.

'Wish Oman qualifies for Brazil World Cup'

One of the key topics discussed by the visiting Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer was to look into ways of propelling the tourism industry and facilitate greater flow of Brazilians into Oman. With Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup, and Oman still in contention for a place in the finals, Temer strongly hoped that Oman qualifies for the World Cup. “We are keeping our fingers crossed for Oman to win the qualifying round and come to Brazil with a substantial delegation,” he said.

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