OCCI’s Mining Committee meets businessmen in Dhofar governorate

Muscat - 

The Mining Committee of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) last week held a meeting in Dhofar and met businessmen working in the sector.

The second meeting of the committee was headed by Zaher bin Mohammed al Kaabi, in the presence of its members representing the private and public sectors.

The meeting touched on many topics of interest to the sector. The Oman Vision 2040 was reviewed and the themes mentioned included the importance of including the mining sector for its important role in the economic development of the sultanate.

The committee met some of the owners of mines and crushers in the Dhofar governorate. Obstacles and challenges faced by the sector in the governorate, including the lack of quarries for raw materials, were discussed. The importance of energy promotion and availability was also discussed to support the mining sector and facilitate its work in all its locations.

At the end of the meeting, the committee chairman stressed that the committee will continue to coordinate and cooperate with all concerned parties in the public and private sectors to overcome difficulties to serve the mining sector in the sultanate.

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