Meeting of GCC representatives underlines need for transparency and integrity

Muscat - 

The fifth meeting of the GCC chairmen of agencies responsible for promoting integrity and combating corruption was held at the headquarters of the GCC Advisory Board on Monday.

The meeting was chaired by Sheikh Nasser bin Hilal bin Nasser al Ma’awali, chairman of the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution (SFAAI), in the presence of Dr Abdul Latif bin Rashid al Zayani, GCC secretary general.

Sheikh Ma’awali opened the meeting, welcoming the delegates and wishing them a pleasant stay in the sultanate, hoping that the meeting would achieve the desired success.

He also stressed the keen efforts exerted by the GCC states to promote integrity and fight corruption, guided by the religious values of the dignitaries. The objective is to lay the foundations for transparency and integrity, and achieve justice and enforce the rule of law in order to channel resources to serve sustainable development plans in the region.

“The establishment of the commission of chairmen of agencies responsible for integrity promotion and anti-corruption demonstrates the significance of cooperation between the GCC states on matters of mutual concern.”

Sheikh Ma’awali in his speech stressed the importance of the accomplishments that serve the agencies’ mutual goals with respect to protection of integrity and promotion of anti-corruption practices.

He also underlined the power manifested in the agencies keeping pace with the relentless march of progress, under the leadership of the GCC leaders.

He added that the meeting was held to review and discuss various subject matters referred by the heads of the agencies, their associates and acting heads of the agencies.

The meeting’s agenda covered a number of key matters; mainly deliberation on a draft referential law on the protection of public fund in the GCC region, the GCC agreement to promote integrity and anti-corruption and the preparation of procedural manuals.

A paper on developing future of GCC cooperation fundamentals to protect integrity and promote anti-corruption was presented during the meeting.

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