Mazaya Agro brings hydroponic farming to Omani communities to stay healthy

Muscat - 

Mazaya Oman has brought a hydroponic ‘farm’ to Barka to provide fresh vegetables grown locally above the markets in Muscat, where conventional farming is not possible all year round. The endeavour is being conducted by a new subsidiary company called Mazaya Agro.

The first crop started harvesting in April. Six varieties of leafy green lettuces, vegetables and herbs will be sold in the local Muscat market.

Hydroponics allows a shorter growing cycle than mother nature does – as short as six weeks – and is not restricted by seasons. So, Mazaya Agro intends to turn over many crops throughout the coming years, virtually infinitely, with the goal of keeping store shelves stocked.


The possibilities are nearly limitless. Mazaya Agro intends to expand and connect multiple greenhouses into a network to significantly expand growing capacity, thereby enabling each farm to meet customer demand in virtually any sized community. Mazaya Agro’s concept of hydroponic farming is entirely self-contained, so not only does it greatly reduce growing cycles but it also eliminates bugs, pesticides and other hazards of natural growing. Mazaya Agro produce qualifies as Omani grown.

Tirthankar Basu, business head of Mazaya Oman, said, “This is a ground-breaking development in food supply for Muscat regions and possibly far beyond. Mazaya Agro’s system could be utilised in infertile desert regions. Mazaya Agro is bringing reasonable, fresh and healthy vegetables to places that have always had to ship it in at prices much higher than countries who are self-producing.”

Basu added that people who never thought it possible can now make dinner with healthy foods grown in their own community backyard. Mazaya Agro offers the highest quality, locally produced fruit and vegetables using sustainable and efficient hydroponic technologies.

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