MECA issues new pollution control measures for factories

Muscat - 

Factories in Oman have been subjected to new emission regulations by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA). The 41/2017 MECA decision issued in early April applies to factories on land, port and sea.

Those factories must construct inspection stations which will be monitored every three months by the ministry. The ministry sets limits on a range of pollutants from sulphur dioxide to carbon monoxide and lead. Violations will lead to a RO500 fine. Failure to construct a monitoring station will lead to a RO1,000 fine.


The law which goes into effect in six months is subject to any installation on land or sea which directly or indirectly releases pollutants. Companies should hire a consultant to propose three separate locations for a monitoring station, before the ideal spot is chosen in conjunction with MECA.

The station should be 2-4m above sea level. It should also have a gap of 2.5m between itself and any natural or man-made obstacle. Companies must submit reports to MECA's Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Department at the Directorate General of Environmental Affairs, or whenever called upon by the ministry.

The ministry will also be producing yearly reports on pollution levels.

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