MAN Fake spare parts case: One year jail, RO7,500 fine and deportation for eight defendants

Muscat - 

The Muscat Primary Court on Tuesday sentenced each of the eight defendants in the MAN fake spare parts case to one year in jail. They were also fined RO7,500 each and ordered to be deported at the end of the jail term. The court also set bail for each defendant at RO100,000.

Judge Sheikh Dr Yousuf al Felaiti, while pronouncing the verdict, also ruled that the goods seized during investigations in the case be destroyed, the scrap sold and the revenue be deposited in the state treasury.

According to the verdict, the defendants were convicted on three charges: One year in jail and RO200 fine each for cheating consumers regarding the features of the goods sold; RO5,000 fine each for infringing the right of consumers to obtain accurate information of the goods and RO2,300 fine each for deceiving consumers vis a vis the actual goods sold.

Only six of the eight defendants were present in court during the sentencing.

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