ITA holds community discussion on establishing tech startups

Muscat - 

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) organised the seventh session of the community participation discussion ‘#Shorkum’ on Wednesday morning. The session on the economic and commercial opportunities available in the sultanate for the establishment of startups in the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was held at the Sas Center for Mobile Apps Development.

The session was held with the participation of Dr Salim bin Sultan al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA, Eng Yousuf bin Ali Alharthi, CEO of Oman Tech Fund, Dr Khalid Altahhan, CEO of Blockchain Solutions and Services/Oman, Khalid Alharibi, founder and managing director, Impact and Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist, Omar Alabd, stated a press release.

The session discussed three main topics – economic and commercial opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, Omani experiences in the field of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and the supporting commercial and investment environment, and ideas and solutions to make a quantum leap in establishing leading Omani business in emerging new technologies.

Dr Ruzaiqi said, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies have started to invade the world and we have to adopt these technologies to benefit from them. We conduct this session to prepare and understand how the future will be shaped under the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its repercussions on all aspects of life.”

He added, “Opportunities are available both in the local and regional markets, and young people can innovate solutions that are applicable anywhere. It is important to establish a connection with young innovators to produce digital applications and solutions for the world.”

Alabd said, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is currently entering all fields. We will be ready for it if we start right. In order to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, young people must research and think about some of the problems that hinder society development, and then embark on creating innovative solutions.”

“The data is the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in the Arab region we can achieve a competitive advantage by exploiting the opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution because we produce huge amounts of data,” explained Alharibi.

Dr Altahhan said, “The preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires two things. The education should associate young people with the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, and the second thing is to build on the current available skill set of developers and IT talents.”

The attendees toured the accompanying exhibition which was held to showcase experiences and innovations of Omani tech startups in Industry 4.0 technologies with the participation of InnoTech, Innovation Factory, Impact, Estrlab and Engineering Village.

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