H E Dr Mantheri launches State Council’s brand identity, new-look website

Muscat - 

The State Council on Tuesday evening celebrated the launch of the council’s brand identity and the new-look website under the patronage of its chairman H E Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri and in the presence of members and the secretary general of the council.

In his address, Dr Khalid bin Salem al Saidi, secretary general of the State Council, underscored the new achievement and said, “The launch of the brand identity and the new-look website accentuates the council’s commitment to implementing constant development of its facilities and supports the council’s vision and mission.

“We hope the brand identity will intensify engagement and consolidate the council’s positive image through the digital medium and enhance the visibility of the council during the next phase.”

He added that the website will enable digital parliamentary interactions and comes within the council's scope to improve continually the services provided to the honourable members, the council and visitors to the portal from varied segments of society regionally and globally. The website will also serve as a distinctive interface and an integrated and pioneering electronic platform at the local and regional levels and facilitate global cohesiveness owing to its latest technology.

Elaborating more about the brand identity and the new-look website and its core mission, Dr Saidi said, “The new brand identity and website mirrors the council’s noble goals and objectives, vested in it to promote its mission, and showcases its work and activities and contributes to the consolidation of the Shura culture in our community.”

The speech was followed by a visual presentation of the brand identity and the new-look website of the council, which was then launched by H E Dr Mantheri.

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