Ensure animals free of diseases before slaughtering: MoAF

Muscat - 

With Eid al Adha just around the corner, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) collected blood samples of over 6,000 goats and sheep across governorates to ensure they are free of diseases. 

It has also urged people to be careful when purchasing cattle for slaughtering and examining cattle’s eyes, nose and mouth for any fluid secretions.

MoAF has said that experts from the Animal Health Research Centre of the Directorate General of Agricultural and Animal Research is conducting laboratory analysis of the samples collected from 6,100 goats and sheep.

The laboratory analysis is part of a serological survey of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) and Neosporosis diseases that can pose serious harm to public health and heavy losses in livestock. RVF is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans, the ministry said in a statement.

‘The disease also results in significant economic losses due to death and abortion among RVF-infected livestock.

‘Mosquitoes are the main carriers of this disease and because of the spread of the disease in the neighbouring countries, it poses a direct threat to livestock in the sultanate. So, there is a need for precautionary measures to prevent the entry of the disease into the country,’ stated MoAF.

The blood sample analysis is being done in the interest of public health and aimed at early detection of animal and common diseases. It will also help educate people about the diseases.

‘The survey results will help formulate necessary preventive programmes and recommendations for effective control of the diseases,’ MoAF stated.

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