Dar al Atta’a raises RO12,000 by recycling donated clothes

Dar al Atta’a has kept 250 collection boxes across the country

Muscat - 

Dar al Atta'a has raised RO12,000 by recycling used clothes collected from across the country since July. The fund was raised from the donation boxes kept at different places in Oman by the organisation for its Family Welfare Programme. 

“We started the project in the beginning of July and so far we have raised RO12,000. We are expecting more and are very happy that the project is successful. This initiative has made donation easy for people who want to help the needy improve their lives,” Rahma al Amri, director of Dar Al Atta'a, said.

The organisation has a contract with a local company which sorts the used clothes collected from across the country. “Dar al Atta'a has a contract with a local company which is responsible for collecting the clothes from the donation boxes. They sort them out and take them for recycling. For each tonne of clothes we get a share that goes to our Family Welfare Programme.”

The project that was started in Muscat with just 100 boxes has now been increased to 250 boxes that are kept at various parts in the sultanate.

In Muscat, Dar al Atta'a boxes have been kept in Wattayah, Wadi Adai, Hamriya, Ruwi, Darsait, Muttrah, Sidab, Wadi Kabir, Azaiba, Mawaleh, Amerat, Al Khuwayr, Bausher, Madinat as Sultan Qaboos, Sarooj, Qurm, Madinat al Ilam, Ghala, Seeb, Al Khoudh and Mabela.

Each box has a list of things written on it that can be donated as well as phone numbers to inform when the box is full. Four trucks and a mini bus have been assigned for the purpose of collecting the clothes from different places.

“We have four trucks and one mini bus that collects the clothes from 250 donation boxes that we have put across the sultanate, daily for sorting,” Faisal al Sunaidi, project manager, said.

Sunaidi said some people donate new clothes too and these are given to Dar al Atta’a directly for distribution among the needy and the rest are taken for recycling. Each box can hold up to 200kg of material.

Dar al Atta’a has different activities under its wing which includes the Family Welfare Programme, Education Care Programme, Empowerment Programme, Disaster Relief Programme and other activities specific to Islamic values like Ramadan relief, Eid and Zakat.

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