Bait Muzna marks 15 years with calligraphy painting exhibition

Muscat - 

Bait Muzna Gallery is hosting a calligraphy painting exhibition, '15/15' by artist Sabah Arbilli to mark its 15th anniversary. The exhibition that began on Tuesday is also commemorating Arbilli's 15 years of working with Arabic calligraphy.

Arbilli has put up 21 works on display at the exhibition. The Iraqi born UK artist works with mixed media, paint, sculptures, installations and Arabic calligraphy.

"I use text not only from the holy book, but also from poems and famous books. The text that I choose to paint with act like my muse as they help me translate my emotions and feelings onto the canvas," he said.

Speaking about his passion for art he said, "Art has always fascinated me. I even quit my job as an engineer to start a career in art." The exhibition will run till February 23.

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