40km stretch of Adam-Thumrait dual carriageway set to open tomorrow

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Easing congestion during the Eid al Adha holidays, a 40km stretch of the Adam-Thumrait dual carriageway will be opened on Thursday, announced the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC). In May, MoTC opened a 140km stretch of the project and a few weeks ago it opened another 41km section.

The remaining three parts of the project are between the wilayats of Haima and Thumrait with a length of 400km. The total length of the first two phases is 317.5km. The third part of the project stretches from the wilayat of Haima to Muqshin with a length of 132.5km. The fourth part is from the wilayat of Muqshin to Dukha area with a length of 135km. The last part which stretches from Dukha to Thumrait is 132.5km.

The Adam-Thumrait dual road project has a total of 717.5km.

Ibri-Yanqul Dual carriageway

Part of Ibri-Yanqul road opens

MoTC stated that it will open on Wednesday the 8km section of the Ibri-Yanqul dual carriageway (phase 2). The first phase starts from Al Aqda in Yanqul and ends at the Dhaher al Fawaris roundabout.

The second phase is from the Seea roundabout to the Yanqul-Sohar interchange (Supplied photos)

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