Summer Indulgence

With the mercury soaring, we suggest unwinding and rejuvenating with these handpicked treatments at some of the best spas in Oman

Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan Palace, A Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Treatment: Royal Ayurvedic Massage


The spa itself doubles as a fortress for healing and rejuvenation. With its relaxing ambience that appeals to the senses, it is an ideal place to get away and unwind within the city. One of the latest additions to its already rich list is the Royal Ayurveda Massage brought to Six Senses by fifth generation Ayurveda practitioner, Dr Jithuraj.

The treatment combines abhyanga and marma massage with warm oil and gentle movements with long strokes that focus on the vital points of the body to balance the ‘doshas’ (the three biological energies found in the body as per Ayurveda). The abhyanga massage breaks down and flushes out toxins and accumulated stress from the body.


Why we recommend it for summer

The Royal Ayurveda Massage is a treatment that has far-reaching benefits for both, the body and the mind. The treatment is ideal for dealing with lethargy, fatigue and burn-out that are common during summer. Apart from reducing stress, the massage improves memory and focus, increases energy and promotes deeper sleep. The science of Ayurveda is hardly skin deep. It is known for its ability to stimulate and nourish internal organs too. The Royal Ayurveda Massage

improves circulation to the nervous system. Opt for an evening session to experience a good sleep and see the energy levels spike the following day.


Hareer Spa by L’Occitane at Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa 

Treatment: Omani Honey Heaven


Walking into Hareer Spa at Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa is like stepping into the Provence region of France. A splendid display of French lavender and immortelle flowers from the fields of this region makes for a refreshing sight before the treatment begins. Omani Honey Heaven, which is also a signature treatment at the spa, is tailor-made for Oman, using pure Omani honey by the L’Occitane brand. Known for its myriad magical properties when it comes to health and skincare, honey is the fundamental element of this treatment, which consists of two elements: A softening body scrub with sea salt and honey and a relaxing massage with honey oil.



Why we recommend it for summer

The treatment provides excellent exfoliation, which helps remove dead cells and tan. With its anti-microbial and healing properties the honey base treatment is also a moisturiser for skin and leaves it clean and radiant. The deep tissue massage that applies Swedish massage techniques improves blood circulation and reduces heat fatigue. Plus, at the end of the treatment, the mind feels truly calm, skin is softened and the body is wrapped in the subtle fragrance of Omani honey.


Kempinski The Spa

Treatment: Summer Face Balancing

Kempinski Hotel Muscat_Kempinski The Spa_Relaxation Lounge

The skin on your face bears the maximum brunt of the harsh sun this time of the year with heat, humidity and UV rays. Here is where Summer Face Balancing - a traditional, hands-on treatment using advanced, medical-grade spa products - comes handy. The bespoke treatment utilises an innovative range of Intraceuticals products to cleanse, hydrate, and revitalise the skin based on its type. This treatment takes advantage of a combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin C+3, collagen, and antioxidant boosters throughout the session. The skin is then cleansed with a cleansing gel and exfoliated with a mild salicylic acid product to dissolve dead cells on the face. The face mask containing Hyaluronic acid is then applied which penetrates deep into the skin to reintroduce vitamins and antioxidants.


Why we recommend it for summer

As heat conditions are harsh on the skin, different skin types show different reactions and age prematurely based on humidity as well as air-conditioned venues. The bespoke nature of the Summer Face Balancing allows to maintain a healthy glow with anti-ageing properties, replenishes the skin’s natural vitamins and collagen. Healthy skin with its natural glow is the best way to avoid make-up and yet maintain a fresh look for the summer.


The Chedi Spa

Treatment: Tangle Me Up Body Wrap


This body wrap is the perfect way to cool down this summer. Layers of fresh Atlantic ground laminaria sea weed are applied on the body. This bathing treatment is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. With its organic status approved by the USDA and OCIA, this body wrap utilises the natural power of organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise the skin and promote healing after spending too much time under the sun. The spa located inside The Chedi Muscat, has a serene ambience where you can relax. The hotel has a special summer promotion running till the end of July where you can avail an Ancient Balinese Massage on a one-day pass.


Why we recommend it for summer

The body wrap provides total replenishment and hydration, which is the need of the hour for the skin during summer. Seaweed envelopment is the perfect solution for dry, devitalised skin. The vitamin-rich seaweed mask soothes sunburns and assists in the healing of any skin ailment. Apart from this, the mask is rich in promoting collagen production in the skin.

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