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    Said al Adhali is head of personal financial services support and operations at HSBC Oman. If you have any queries on this subject or another topic related to his area of expertise, e-mail

Using your credit card responsibly
    July 10, 2011

It’s key that credit card users understand that when they use their card they are actually receiving a loan from their issuing bank Chances are that like most people in Oman, you have more than one credit card and have been using it to get many things you ‘want’ rather than what you ‘need’.

Can I get a mortgage today?
    June 26, 2011

We are witnessing challenging times and the housing market has been at the centre of the storm. As a result we are going to see more prudent lending standards across the world and home lenders will now have to meet more stringent requirements in order to procure home loans.

Unless you are one of the fortunate few, most of us would have to approach a bank to secure funding for the purchase of that dream car. This could easily turn out to be an arduous task if you are not 'street wise' when selecting the financier, as competing banks will bombard you with numerous promotions and promises.

Wealth management for women
    May 29, 2011

What do women want from their advisers?

Acquiring sustainable wealth is the product of a cautious and well-balanced approach for men and women; a steady, disciplined and long-term journey.

How to put your travel insurance policy to work?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from any unexpected incident, from travel inconvenience such as baggage loss or flight delay, to emergency medical situations. 

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