Rabab-al Abdullatif
    Rabab  al Abdullatif

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    Rabab al Abdullatif is an Omani psychologist whose passion is to make a difference in the lives of children. She has a BSc in psychology (with specialisation in educational psychology) from Concordia University in Montreal and holds a Masters in Education from State University of New York. Rabab works with children with special needs and learning difficulties like attention deficit and dyslexia. She also teaches parents skills to deal with their children and can help children with behavioural and academical difficulties

Shaping your child's behaviour
    September 8, 2012

"He doesn’t listen to me," "How do I make her stop?" This is what I hear from a lot of parents when they are dealing with their children. Every parent has specific expectations from their child and these expectations will only be met if your child can identify with these expectations and behave accordingly to them. Parenting skills are required to help shape your child's behaviour.

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