Anees -Redha Sultan
    Anees  Redha Sultan


    Anees is a local businessman and writer interested in a wide variety of issues.

Road Safety
    August 6, 2011

There was no siren, but everything else the police did to our car spoke of a proper 'bust.’ We were not speeding; we were neither a group of smugglers nor a wanted group that a police car suddenly spotted and decided to stop us. We were clearly a family ending our holidays in a northern European country and heading to the airport in a rented van with a local driver. Our crime? We were nine in a car made for seven.

I want more because I can… strike
    March 28, 2011

I want more money.  I want a guaranteed annual bonus, a promotion, a study break and money for a higher degree, and free unlimited benefits. Oh, did I say these are only for me and my pals, not for those useless senior managers, and definitely not for any expatriates.

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