PDO to finalise details for wind power project early next year

Muscat - 

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is working on finalising the details for its first utility-scale wind power project, and is also in talks with a number of other players for collaboration.

PDO, in tune with its long-term plan to harness renewable resources to reduce operational costs and to reduce dependence on natural gas, is working on a number of projects. However, it is for the first time that the oil major is planning to harness wind power.

Speaking to Muscat Daily on the sidelines of the World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition, PDO’s managing director Raoul Restucci said, “There is lot of focus on renewable energy.”

He said there has been a tremendous usage of renewable energy to cut cost and achieve higher efficiency in operations. PDO has been very successful in harnessing solar energy to generate steam for their enhanced oil recovery programmes. Building on this success, PDO is further investing in the renewable energy sector.

Last year, PDO had announced that it is looking to develop a wind power project in one of its oil fields located in the southern part of the country. It had also initiated a feasibility study to further explore the possibility of setting up the project.

On progress of their proposed wind power project, Restucci said, “We have installed a number of monitors in different locations to optimise the design of the project. The project is likely to be set up in Southern part of the country, not far from Marmul.”

“We are working on finalisation of details. And I expect by the first quarter of the next year, we could announced the definite time table for the project,” he said. “We are engaging a number of players for the project. The engagement could be on supply side, management side, design or maintenance also. Currently lots of discussions are going,” Restucci added.

Speaking about other projects, he specifically mentioned about PDO’s plan to install solar panels on car sheds in parking areas.

He said, “The solar project initiated by us, has been a tremendous success. Soon, we will be generating around 10MW from them alone. It is the largest installation of its kind inside any campus, particularly in the oil and gas industry.”

On future plans he said, “We are looking to expand the installation of solar panels on car sheds. This will not only give us monetary benefits by cutting down the cost of operation but also help in reducing the gas consumption for oil production, and allow more gas to be deployed in high value proposition.”

Last year, PDO had announced that it will be installing thousands of solar panels in the car parking area at its Mina Al Fahal headquarters to power key offices and feed into the national grid during non-working hours.

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