Nidaa Charity, Protiviti Oman distribute food parcels in Bausher

Muscat - 

Protiviti Oman organised a humanitarian initiative with Nidaa Charity team, as part of its multiple corporate social responsibility initiatives, delivering food parcels to underprivileged families to show solidarity and harmony with the community.

Protiviti employees and volunteers participated in the campaign where food parcels were distributed in the wilayat of Bausher.

“Any humanitarian initiative must come from a solid belief that every human being is an equal and to always respect and honour our true essence,” said Shatha al Maskiry, managing director of Protiviti. “Change happens from within and when interacting with others, we learn that we are one with all. We aspire every year to do more and I’m thankful to my colleagues, family and friends who all contributed energetically and financially in this humanitarian initiative.

“Serving our communities is our universal value, and this is how we become stronger together.”

“Nothing is better than being able to draw a smile on people’s faces. Another year with another great achievement with the support of Protiviti team, volunteer friends, family members and children.

“I am grateful to be part of this initiative and humbled to serve the community,” said Raed Ali, senior manager of Protiviti.


Do you think people of Oman engage in many charitable activities?

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