Ministry invites investment bids for five tourist sites

Muscat - 

As part of its plan to create high-quality tourist services and facilities, the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has called on institutions and individuals to invest in five important tourist sites in the sultanate.

The ministry has urged interested parties to get details of the project on the link  

The deadline for the investment bid is June 20 till 1pm, MoT stated. The five sites proposed for investment include, Wadi Bani Khalid in North Sharqiyah, Al Ashkharah beach in the wilayat of Jalaan Bani Bu Ali in South Sharqiyah, Sahour Cave in the wilayat of Salalah in Dhofar, Al Kittan Cave and Harat al Ramil in the wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah governorate.

The ministry constantly aims to boost its tourist services and facilities so that tourists can enjoy the different aspects of Omani culture. It also conducts extensive studies for rehabilitation and development and invites expertise from around the world to help develop the various tourist segments.

The National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh) developed 15 tourism initiatives to enhance the tourism sector. Such initiatives include encouraging private investment in natural sites and adventure tourism.

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