Luban alert withdrawn; Dhofar to see scattered rains today

Muscat - 

The alert issued in the wake of tropical storm Luban has been withdrawn, the National Committee for Civil Defence (NCCD) announced on Monday. 

The alert was declared by the National Emergency Management System. According to the Directorate General of Meteorology most of the sultanate on Monday was covered with clouds as an after-effect of Luban, with chances of scattered rains in Dhofar. Jason Nicholls, senior meteorologist/international forecasting manager, AccuWeather, said, “Remnants of Luban continue to produce scattered rains from eastern Hadhramaut region of Yemen to western Dhofar into southern parts of eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Scattered rains will continue across these areas into Tuesday.”

Tropical storm Luban brought more than 1,000mm of rainfall for the governorate of Dhofar, while scattered rainfall was also reported in Al Wusta and Dakhliyah.


On Sunday, rainfall measuring stations belonging to the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) recorded about 565mm of rainfall on Dhofar governorate. Earlier on Sunday, MRMWR had stated that Dhofar received a record 535mm of rainfall in 16 hours from 4pm on October 13 to 8am on October 14.

On Sunday, the highest amount of rainfall was recorded in Dalkout (263mm) followed by Rakhiout (119mm), Salalah (57mm), Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Island (34mm), Mirbat and Sadah (29mm each), Thumrait (18mm) Taqah (9mm), and Al Mazyouna (7mm).

The highest amount of rainfall was recorded in Al Wusta (23mm) in the wilayat of Al Jaser, followed by 6mm in Haima. Nizwa in Dakhliyah too received 8mm of rainfall. In a statement, the committee hailed the efforts of the National Emergency Management System represented by the National Multi Hazard Early Warning System, Public Authority for Radio and TV, media organisations and the sub-civil defence committees.

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